How Sincerely Cinema Is Different From Others:

We often read about cinema from the perspective of a star or a film maker, ‘Sincerely Cinema’ is a portal dedicated to viewers of cinema and their perspective. The purpose of this portal is to find the news between the lines spoken by Stars and film makers and the news which can be used for betterment of the cinema and its people. Cinema is an art, entertainment and business. We shall try to cover all these segments of film industry.


Why Did We Start A Bollywood News Website In Hindi:

When, we were planning to start a News website for cinema, we had two options with us, we start it either in Hindi or English. We chose Hindi as the language of our website because we strongly feel and believe that the News of Hindi cinema must be told in Hindi, the language of India. There are several websites out there talking Hindi cinema in English which is unfair to a common fan of Hindi cinema.

We are also providing the News of regional cinemas in Hindi, so that the Hindi speaking people may know more about cinema of other languages. This is an effort to bridge the gap between Hindi and regional language cinemas. When they get a chance to read about the stars and movies of regional cinemas in Hindi, they get to know them better.


Thank you so much for your engagement and patronage.


– Sincerely Cinema Team

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